About Casa Rio

Jay Estenson, Owner

Jay has been in the hospitality industry for over 50 years, helping at his parents’ Dairy Queen when he was 8.  He gained an appreciation for Tex-Mex cuisine working as a manager for a Mexican restaurant chain for 9 years.  

He had his eye on the location where Casa Rio now thrives, since 1989 when it was a butcher shop. He watched a couple of other restaurants try to give it a go in the spot, without success, and in 2010, he decided to bring the location to life with the vibrant flavors of Casa Rio.

The Casa Rio Recipe for Success

How did Jay make Casa Rio a success when other restaurants failed in the location? Jay believes you get out of something, what you put into it, and Casa Rio puts the best into everything they do—

  • We prepare all food fresh, on-site, daily.
  • We only use premium quality ingredients.
  • Our presentation is a feast for the eyes before the food ever hits your tongue.
  • The flavor of our fare is a burst of the perfect combination of salt, heat, and freshness.
  • Casa Rio staff offers top-notch service!

Our Staff

When you go out to eat, the service you receive is just as important as the quality of the food since it’s a big part of the dining experience. We are confident that our servers, bartenders, and other staff will wow you. They are committed to making your time at Casa Rio enjoyable and giving your entire day a lift.

Come Meet Jay and the Staff of Casa Rio

While you're here, try our Jalapeno Margarita!